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good things come to those who wait.

but only what's left over from those that hustle.

4/17/10 08:38 pm

this summer is going to be:

& i can't wait.

i wish i had time to elaborate, i seriously never have time to update this thing.
life never slows down.

3/11/10 07:39 pm

 so i have discovered this awesome website! 
follow this link & ask me questions....anonymously!
ask me anything & everything to your hearts content!
i'm giving you permission to spam me! haha.
i love answering questions....so dooo itttt!!!! please? :D


1/22/10 12:43 pm

stumbling. not necessarily a bad thing.
if you're stumbling --> you're not standing still.
you're moving forward.
yeah, you stumbled.
you're not perfect.
but you're learning.
you're trying.
you're growing.

12/24/09 11:38 pm


12/6/09 03:23 pm

i'm just a girl.. continuing this journey called life.. but on a new path now.
i strive to be everything God has made me to be. i strive to bring Him glory.
in the past 4 months i've been in transition to leave everything i knew.
my world has completely changed in every way possible.
and i wouldn't take anything back.

i took 2 years off after high school to figure things out.
i worked. i traveled. i thought. i partied. i dated. i "lived".
this past August i started back at school. at a Christian university.
i didn't know a single soul. i was scared. but i persevered.
in this first semester i've had some amazing experiences.
& i've met some wonderful people.

i've allowed God to change me.
i feel like i've started my life again. this is only the beginning.

i created this journal to chronicle my life. now that i know what track i'm on.
come along with me....the best is yet to come.
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